Studio                 Please call
1 Bedroom          the office
2 Bedroom          for pricing

Deposit equals to one month rent.
Sometimes Move-in Special may be
offered. Please call the office to check.

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One Bedroom

One Bedroom (HC)

Two Bedroom
Vacancies can change from day to day, but we usually have a waiting list we use. Please
call our office to check the availability.

Qualification Process
Ladi Senior Apartments is a low-income housing for seniors over 55 years of age. As a Tax
Credit property each applicant needs to submit following paperwork for the qualification
process in to our office:
1.   Completed rental application and TICQ packet
2.   SS card and ID (originals will be returned)
3.   $30 per adult for application fee (money order)
4.   Current proof of income (all sources)
5.   Current bank statement (all banks)
6.   Rental verification for the past two years.
Some of the documents, such as rental application, could be emailed to you upon request.
During the qualification process additional information may be requested. Please note that
the average qualification process is about five business days, but in some cases it may be

Move-in Process
Applicant will be required to sign a six month lease. All move-in cost must be paid upfront.
Move-in cost is rent (full month or prorated) and security deposit. Additional move-in cost is
a pet deposit and/or deposit for a gate remote. Some pets are prohibited and pet
restriction apply.

Please do not hesitate to ask management any questions that might occur during the
qualification or move-in process.